Committee Members (2017 - 2018)

Catherine Hall

My name’s Catherine and I’m one of the two clinic coordinators at All4Paws. I moved up to Edinburgh in 2002 and stayed in the city when I started university at the Dick Vet in 2012. There’s a lot of diversity in my role, which involves overseeing the running of the clinic both on the day and in between sessions. I’ve been part of All4Paws since the idea first took root back in 2015 and have had a great time watching it develop. When not occupied by my role at the clinic I can often be found out for a walk somewhere around Edinburgh with a dog or two (sadly none of them mine – borrowed from friends and acquaintances!), catching up with a friend at one of the many cafés around the city or attempting to catch up with studying for my intercalated degree in Infectious Diseases!

Catherine Fletcher

Hi my name is (also) Catherine and I’m the newest clinic coordinator for All4Paws, joining in October 2017. I grew up in Australia and South East Asia until I was 17 then moved back to Scotland to finish school. Before coming to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, I volunteered at PDSA-sponsored & private vet practices as well as with Riding for the Disabled and many other great charities. After hearing about All4Paws I knew I had to get involved and I’m really excited for the next few years ahead and the fresh ideas the latest committee will bring. When I’m not shadowing our other amazing clinic coordinator Catherine Hall I can either be found working at various catering events all over Scotland, in the library stressing about third year exams or at home snuggled up with my 12 year old cat, Lily.

Ella Jackson

My name is Ella and I’m a 4th year vet student studying in Edinburgh, originally from Yorkshire! I joined the All4Paws committee this year and am one of the outreach coordinators. Outreach involves sending out clinic reminders to our clients and answering any questions they may have. I also liaise with other charities about how we can collaborate and spread the word about All4Paws which is a wonderful charity! When I’m not helping at All4Paws or studying, you’ll find me in the gym, wandering around the beautiful city of Edinburgh or eating cakes!

Vicky McCulloch

Hi, my name is Vicky. I am in my third year of studies at the R(D)SVS and am very excited to be a part of Outreach on the All4Paws committee for 2017-2018! I’ve joined the team because I feel that All4Paws fills an incredibly important role in the community and I truly stand behind our initiative to provide much needed care for those who are vulnerable, homeless and find it difficult to access care for their animals whether for financial, social or other reasons. I am originally from Canada but have been on this side of the pond for several years now. When I’m not at home snuggling up to my crazy cat McTaggart, you can usually find me out gallivanting with my pup Charlie in the Pentlands or at the pub (also with Charlie of course).

Venessa Wong

Hello everyone! My name is Venessa, one of the Outreach Coordinators. I moved to Edinburgh last year. And I have to say – Edinburgh is such a beautiful, vibrant and friendly city. I am very happy to be part of this ‘pawsome’ team! My role at All4Paws has given me the chance to become more involved with the local community. I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories, especially if they are about their pets! In my free time, I love testing out food recipes, working out at the gym and hanging out with my friends.

Jessica Lam

Hello!! I am Jess Lam, one of the two fundraising co-ordinator for All4paws. I am a fourth year vet student at the Dick Vet, originally from Vancouver, Canada. Just walking around the city, one would take notice the big population of homeless, often with their animal companion. When All4paws first started, I helped hand out flyers to spread the word and I really enjoyed connecting with members of the community, listening to their stories, and knowing that they want to provide good care for their companion. I find it really meaningful for vets students to use what we learn in school to help the community, that is why I joined All4paws! Outside of school and All4paws, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, baking or just catching up on sleep.

Rachel Burgess

My name’s Rachel and my role at All4Paws is fundraising. As fundraisers, Jess and I get to come up with lots of fun and new ways to raise money for All4Paws (any suggestions are welcome!). When I started vet school in 2015, All4Paws was always something I wanted to help with, and now that I’m in my third year I am glad to be part of the committee! My time away from All4Paws is mainly playing sport recreationally, and working at my part time job - as well as trying to fit in a little bit of revision for vet school!

Delaney Miller

Hi, I'm Delaney and I'm the third year Media Rep for All4Paws! I'm from Canada and did my undergraduate degree in Animal Biology before moving to Edinburgh to attend the R(D)SVS. I am so excited to be a part of All4Paws this year. I think that everyone deserves the right to an animal companion, and All4Paws does wonderful work helping both pets and people alike. I look forward to carrying everything that All4Paws has taught me into my veterinary career. Outside of All4Paws, I love travelling, testing out new recipes, watching Netflix, and of course, hanging out with my pets. 

Victoria CM

My name is Victoria and I am one of the media coordinators for All4Paws. I came to Edinburgh from Canada in 2014 and have enjoyed every bit of my time here. As I enter into my last couple years here, I thought it would be very important to give back to the community in some way. Joining All4Paws was the perfect opportunity as I get to incorporate my learning into helping. I also quite enjoy doing fiddling around on the computer and am glad I can help out in this way. Hopefully, I can help All4Paws become bigger and reach new heights. Outside of this I enjoy playing football, watching too much TV and obsessing over birds.

Archie Macpherson

My name is Archie and I've been helping out at All4Paws for over a year now. I look up to the students at the clinic massively, as I aim to study Veterinary Medicine at university next year. Being a school student needing experience, All4Paws has allowed me to gain the crucial communicative skills needed. You may therefore see me pouring a cup of tea, and offering cake (highly recommend Catherine's baking!) to the clients. The students and vets - with the owners permission - are brilliant at allowing me to carry out hands on examinations and I learn more and more every week. The bond between owner and pet is unparalleled and the gratitude from the owners to all4paws shows how crucial it is to the lives of not only pet but also owners. It's no surprise that we have some clients who I saw at my first clinic still returning weekly. On top of my work at All4paws, I enjoy playing rugby and the bagpipes in my spare time.